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    American Health and Beauty welcomes award-winning Dr. Nedra Dodds of Opulence Aesthetic Medicine as a Contributing Provider to the leading a...

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  • Facelift Alternative: Mini Deep Plane Facelift

    Using smaller incisions, the Mini Deep Plane Facelift is ideal for male and female patients and offers long lasting results.

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  • New Techniques In Breast Reconstruction: Body-Jet And...

    Using water assisted liposuction, physicians may use the patients own fat to reconstruct breasts and the new technique, nipple-sparing maste...

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  • A Tummy Tuck Alternative Without The Scarring

    Dr. Lou Cole combines laser lipolysis and radio frequency skin tightening to produce the effects of a tummy tuck without the major scar and ...

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More Local Aesthetic News...
Dr. Fernando Burstein Voted Plastic Surgery 'Top Doc'

Double board certified Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Fernando Burstein has been nationally recognized as a 'Top Doc' in Plastic Surgery. Dr. Burstein has earned the 'Top Doc' honor nine times. Dr. Burstein performs a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures including facelift surgery and rhinoplasty to cleft lip and palate reconstruction.

New iComplete Intense Firming and Hydrating System

Societe Clinical Skincare has developed iComplete, an injection procedure enhancing two-step system that extends the effects of injectables using "neuro-toxin-like" peptides, delivered via its proprietary Intra-Cell technology, to reduce repetitive muscle movements, leaving skin hydrated and plump.

Atlanta Plastic Surgery Announces Back-to-School Specials

Dr. Mark Deutsch, founder of Perimeter Plastic Surgery, a top Atlanta plastic surgery practice, has announced Back-to-School Specials in celebration of the beginning of the new school year. The specials will be open to everyone, but are specially targeted towards parents and school employees. The specials include a 10 percent-off injectables deal and special pricing on skincare products, including 20 percent off Obagi skincare products and Clarisonic skin cleansing systems.

Societe Breathes New Life Into Skincare

Societe Clinical Skincare has taken the wound-healing properties of oxygen and created a clinical-grade, two-step Oxygenation Treatment that increases circulation, evens out pigmentation and aids in easier extractions. With age, capillaries break down, reducing blood flow and oxygen levels, which results in lifeless skin. Societe's oxygen products are based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide, which delivers molecules directly into the skin, bringing back radiance and freshness.

Laser Esthetician Specialist in Kalos Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Kalos Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a leader in laser skin care technology, is pleased to announce the addition of Bonny Domoto, a licensed Laser Esthetician and skin care expert to their staff. Bonny completed her aesthetics training at the highly accredited Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics. Before joining Kalos, she worked in dermatology, performing medical aesthetic procedures and skin care consulting.

Tummy Tuck Recovery Process

Dr. Mark Deutsch, an Atlanta tummy tuck surgeon and founder of Perimeter Plastic Surgery, was recently interviewed about tummy tuck procedures and recovery time. A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tightens the abdominal muscles. About the recovery process, Deutsch says that "Patients who undergo a tummy tuck will often have twinges of pain that are related to the nerves under the skin for up to one year after the surgery. Patients who have the underlying muscle tightened could develop muscle spasms or even a tear of the tissue with exertion, but this is usually within the first several months after surgery." Deutsch says that patients are prescribed muscle relaxants and pain killers to help with the recovery process.

Great Summer Deal in July with Buy One, Get One Offers

Blue Divine Inc., a leading provider of laser hair removal treatments in Atlanta, is offering their new and existing customers an additional treatment of equal or lesser value at no cost for each treatment purchased in the Month of July. In addition to this amazing offer, any existing customer that refers a new customer that purchases a treatment from Blue Divine will receive their next laser hair removal treatment at no cost as part of Blue Divine's referral rewards program.

An Effective Anti-Aging and Hydrating Treatment For In-Home Use

The sea has proven beneficial in the advancement of skin care. Societe Clinical Skincare has harnessed the most potent marine and plant-based ingredients to create its Marine Hydrating mask - an effective anti-aging and hydrating clinical-grade skin treatment, now available for in home use. The anti-inflammatory properties and high antioxidant content of marine and plant extracts are beneficial to an anti-aging skin care regimen.

Trendy Liposuction Can Leave Patients with Lump, Bumps

Today cosmetic procedures are done everywhere and anywhere. In the hands of an inexperienced provider, patients are much more likely to be unhappy with the results. Instead of the smooth contours promised, many are left with lumps and bumps. And medi-spas with their lack of licensing and tremendous marketing efforts have garnered a large share of the laser lipo business. "When it comes to cosmetic procedures patients need to be extremely vigilant in checking out their providers. Today many "medi-spas" are offering deep discounts and coupons online for laser liposuction and other procedures. Patients need to be really careful in their evaluation," said Dr. Jones of Atlanta Plastic Surgery.

Mommy Makeover Tips on Real Self

Dr. Mark Deutsch, a top plastic surgeon and the founder of a leading plastic surgery practice, Perimeter Plastic Surgery, has answered user-submitted question about mommy makeovers on realself.com. Deutsch discusses how to prepare for a mommy makeover, the price and minimum recovery time. A mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures offered to women who have given birth. A mommy makeover typically includes a tummy tuck and a breast lift, a breast augmentation or both.

Atlanta Plastic Surgery Promotes Breast Reconstruction Support Website

Dr. Mark Deutsch, founder of Perimeter Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, has recently begun to promote Breast Reconstruction Matters on his practice's website. Dr. Deutsch stresses on his site that breast reconstruction can be an important part of the recovery process that occurs after women undergo a mastectomy. Breast Reconstruction Matters is a website devoted to guiding women through the decision process following a mastectomy.

Body Lift and Breast Augmentation Information Online

Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Deutsch of Perimeter Plastic Surgery published information regarding lower body lift and breast augmentation procedures on his website. RealSelf.com is where people interested in cosmetic surgery and treatments can obtain in-depth information about various procedures. Dr. Deutsch frequently answers questions submitted by people interested in plastic surgery, and recently he released information about a lower body lift and breast implants.

Atlanta Hearing Institute Helps Restore Hearing

Atlanta Hearing Institute successfully helps restore hearing for two women in Atlanta. Hearing loss in children and people of all ages can affect them in largely varying degrees. However, every patient has a unique situation that has to be analyzed during a hearing test by a qualified Audiologist in Atlanta such as Dr. Lindsay Lanson of the Atlanta Hearing Institute.